Thursday, 2 February 2012

London Rajar - Q4/2011

It's an interesting set of figures, which sees Capital and Magic overtaking BBC Radio 2 in Reach, although Radio 4 remains dominant.

Capital take the honours for breakfast with Johnny Vaughan's final quarter.  As with any major change it's going to take a while for Dave Berry to settle in but it'll be interesting to see any likely defections among the Capital audience; especially older listeners.

Nick Ferrari on LBC 97.3 also had a good quarter, ahead of Heart, Magic and Kiss. Speaking of Kiss, they've done well during afternoons and evenings going neck-and-neck (and sometimes ahead) with Capital. In terms of Share they're now ahead of Radio 1, LBC 97.3 and Heart.

I've often likened the major London players' performance in Rajar to a game of 'musical chairs' and this time round it would seem to be Heart's turn to be "squeezed out" on Reach. It's a dynamic radio market which proves that things can, and do, change quickly and a good example of why you should never take a single quarter in isolation.

LBC 97.3's usual dominance of the late-night hours appears to be recovering after a couple of poor quarters. Clive Bull, who held down the late-night slot for many years until last summer, was always going to be a hard act to follow but the figures would suggest his sucessor Anthony Davis is beginning to make the show his own.

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This next chart got a lot of interest after I posted it last time so it's been updated and shows the 30 stations with the highest audiences.
Note: Figures used in all charts for Absolute are 'Total Absolute Radio (London)'
Survey period -19th September  - 18th December 2011. Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB.

You can find the previous Q3/2011 charts here -

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