Thursday, 4 August 2011

London Rajar - Q2/2011

As usual here's my hour-by-hour breakdown of how the main London commercial stations are performing - coupled with my regular caveat about not taking a single quarter in isolation.

This quarter's game of 'musical chairs' sees Magic back as London's No. 1 commercial station -with Capital and Heart arguing over who gets Silver or Bronze, depending on whether you are ranking by Reach or Share; although it's really Radio 4 which is London's "No 1 Station".

The one thing that has really caught my eye is that, after a strong performance during the past year, LBC 97.3 has taken a bit of a hit; most noticeably in what used to be its clear domination of late-night, overnight and early-morning. It may, of course, simply be a 'blip'.  Only time will tell.
(Click on charts to enlarge)
Note: Figures used in all charts for Absolute are 'Total Absolute Radio (London)

Survey period - 28th March - 26th June 2011. Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB.

Previous charts for Q1/2011 can be found here and, for a Year-on-Year comparison, Q2/10 is here.

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