Thursday, 27 October 2011

London Rajar - Q3/2011

As usual here's my hour-by-hour breakdown of how the main London commercial stations are performing - coupled with my regular caveat about not taking a single quarter in isolation.

The London commercial market is dominated by Magic, Capital, Heart and Kiss who seem continually engaged in what I've described in the past as a game of "musical chairs".

Last quarter Magic was back as London's No. 1 commercial station, but this time Capital has the most listeners while Heart has the highest share, while Magic gets pushed off the top spot.

Smooth has gained an additional 126,000 listeners this quarter, with a corresponding increase in hours of 1.16 million.

LBC 97.3, which took a bit of a hit last time has lost a further 20,000 listeners, but also gained an extra 2.14 million hours. Some people have suggested LBC should have done quite well this quarter because of the summer riots in London, but they only lasted for about a week and, therefore any short-term gain would have been evened-out across the full survey period.

The same goes for BBC London, who also won plaudits for its coverage but has shed 80,000 listeners since the previous quarter

LBC has also lost what used to be a clear dominance of late-night and overnight listening.  After many years in the 2200-0100 weekday slot, "London's late-night legend" Clive Bull left the station a few weeks into this survey period. Although overall audience figures for that slot have generally held steady, it's going to take another quarter to see how things settled down after Clive's departure. 

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Finally a quick comment on digital-only stations in London. Stations such as BBC Radio 4 Extra, 6Music, Jazz FM and Absolute 80s (which has now passed the 1 million mark nationally) are starting to make their presence felt with more than 200,000 listeners a week.

Note: Figures used in all charts for Absolute are 'Total Absolute Radio (London)
Survey period - 27th June - 18th September 2011. Source: Rajar/Ipsos Mori/RSMB.

Charts for Q2/2011 can be found here.

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