Sunday, 15 May 2011

London Rajar - Q1/2011

(This is a re-post following technical problems at Blogger last Thursday)

As usual here's my hour-by-hour breakdown of how the main London commercial stations are performing - with my usual caveat about not taking a single quarter in isolation.

The big story this time is that Capital is back as London's No. 1 commercial station - although overall it is in third place after Radio 4 and Radio 2 - while Magic has slipped to third place (Reach) but second in % Share.

LBC 97.3 continues to dominate the late-night and overnight hours; especially with  LBC stalwarts, "late-night legend" Clive Bull (2200-0100) and Steve Allen (0500-0700).

In Q3/2010 the station had been overtaken by several of its competitors in this time period but has since bounced back.  (Please note that the figures used in these charts do not include those for LBC News 1152AM, which simulcasts with the FM station at this time).

Smooth has a strong showing this quarter - especially at Breakfast with Simon Bates (who joined the station at the beginning of the year).

Christian O'Connell is also showing a stronger performance on Absolute after last quarter's figures showed some daytime hours were getting more listeners.

On the whole there are going to be some smiles, some frowns and a few people scratching their heads in puzzlement - but that's always the case.

(Click on charts to enlarge)
Note: Figures used for Absolute are 'Total Absolute Radio (London)

The previous charts for Q4/2010 can be found here. There's also an interesting analysis of London stations by platform on Adam Bowie's blog.

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