Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bristol Channels

Each quarter I try to look in more detail at other, non-London, radio markets and this time the spotlight falls on Bristol.  Like many places this is a city which has seen a lot of change in its radio stations over the past year or so.

GWR became Heart Bristol and is now Heart West Country, sharing Breakfast and Drivetime with the former Orchard FM in Taunton.  Kiss is now mainly networked from London. Original became Jack while Star, acquired from UKRD by Celador, changed format and name to become Breeze during this survey period, which is why the station is still shown under its old name.  More importantly, as Star has a yearly survey period these figures cover from 29th March 2010 - 27th March 2011.

Jack, once again, has added listeners this past quarter; I've already talked about its success in a previous blog post and there's not much I can add to that now.

BBC Radio Bristol is also a solid performer with a very healthy reach and share in this TSA.

Here's how the major stations rank.  I've taken the figures for Star Radio (Bristol) as these are the best ones that enable a straight comparison.

(Click on charts to enlarge)
Almost all stations have shown a Year-on-Year increase in reach, which can only be good for radio as a whole.
In terms of share, though, things are rather mixed.

Finally, here's how the stations do in terms of daytime dayparts; note a very strong performance by BBC Radio Bristol during Breakfast and mid-mornings.

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